Another major agency within the department is the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which enforces narcotics and controlled substances laws, and tracks down major illicit drug trafficking organizations. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Created in 1965. In the 1990s, the Department of Education focused on the following issues: raising standards for all students; improving teaching; involving parents and families in children’s education; making schools safe, disciplined and drug-free; strengthening connections between school and work; increasing access to financial aid for students to attend college and receive training; and helping all students become technologically literate. Within the executive branch itself, the president has broad powers to manage national affairs and the workings of the federal government. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which includes the National Weather Service, works to improve understanding of the Earth’s environment and to conserve the nation’s coastal and marine resources. DOD maintains forces overseas to meet treaty commitments, to protect the nation’s outlying territories and commerce, and to provide air combat and support forces. The nature and purpose of these agencies vary widely. Despite the constitutional provision that “all legislative powers” shall be vested in the Congress, the president, as the chief formulator of public policy, has a major legislative role. Whether or not cabinet members act as advisers, they retain responsibility for directing the activities of the government in specific areas of concern. The heads of the 15 departments, chosen by the president and approved by the Senate, form a council of advisers generally known as the president’s “cabinet.” In addition to departments, there are a number of staff organizations grouped into the Executive Office of the President. It ensures that the nation’s civil service remains free of political influence and that federal employees are selected and treated fairly and on the basis of merit. The department assesses U.S. overseas interests, makes recommendations on policy and future action, and takes necessary steps to carry out established policy. 日経電子版の「米大統領選2020」はアメリカ大統領選挙のニュースを一覧できます。トランプ大統領の再選か、民主党のバイデン氏による政権奪還か。データや分析でアメリカ社会に走る分断の実相に迫り … The president decides whether to recognize new nations and new governments, and negotiate treaties with other nations, which become binding on the United States when approved by two-thirds of the Senate. アメリカの大統領制は、大統領が行政府のトップとして省庁の長官などの指名、大統領命令の発令、米軍の最高指揮官といった権限を持つ仕組みです。, アメリカ大統領は大きな権限を持ち、またメディアに登場することも多く大きな存在感を持つ一方、国内政治においては議会と協調しなければ政策立案をリードできない面も持っています。, アメリカ大統領を理解することは、アメリカと強い関係を持つ日本の政治を考える上でも非常に重要なことです。, このサイトは人文社会科学系学問をより多くの人が学び、楽しみ、支えるようになることを目指して運営している学術メディアです。, ぜひブックマーク&フォローしてこれからもご覧ください。→Twitterのフォローはこちら, アメリカ大統領制について説明するためには、アメリカの政治制度の全体像について簡単に知っておく必要があります。そこでこれから、アメリカの政治制度の全体像、大統領の役割や権限について詳しく説明していきます。, このサイトでは複数の文献を参照して、記事を執筆しています。参照・引用箇所は注1ここに参照情報を入れますを入れていますので、クリックして参考にしてください。, そもそも、アメリカの政治制度は、大きく「連邦制」と「三権分立(権力分立制)」という2つの仕組みによって成り立っています。, 連邦制という仕組みも、アメリカ政治を理解する上では非常に重要ですが、大統領制を理解する上では三権分立について理解する必要があります。, 三権分立については後ほど詳しく説明しますが、簡単に言えば連邦政府(中央政府)内で、特定の機関が強い権力を持ち特定の人物や組織の利害を政治に置いて優先しないように、3つの権力が監視、抑制し合う仕組みのことです。, 中央政府が三権分立の仕組みをとっているのは多くの民主主義国家で同様ですが、その形態が国によって異なります。. In addition to holding the right of succession, the vice president is the presiding officer of the Senate. As the happy euphoria of the post-election “honeymoon” dissipates, the new president discovers that Congress has become less cooperative and the media more critical. Term of OfficeElected by the people, through the electoral college, to a four-year term; limited to two terms. The method of electing the president is peculiar to the American system. In times of war or national emergency, the Congress may grant the president even broader powers to manage the national economy and protect the security of the United States. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, for example, promotes economic growth by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements and standards. Department of Education: Created in 1979. The Federal Reserve regulates private banking institutions, works to contain systemic risk in financial markets, and provides certain financial services to the U.S. government, the public and financial institutions. The Department of Labor promotes the welfare of wage earners in the United States, helps improve working conditions, and fosters good relations between labor and management. It administers federal labor laws through such agencies as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Employment Standards Administration, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration. The Department of Labor split off from the Department of Commerce in 1913. 大統領の権限をまとめると以下のようになります! Creation of a powerful, unitary presidency was the source of some contention in the Constitutional Convention. Despite these constraints, every president achieves at least some of his legislative goals and prevents by veto the enactment of other laws he believes not to be in the nation’s best interests. In addition, about 718,000 civilian employees serve in the Defense Department in such areas as research, intelligence, communications, mapping and international security affairs. The department establishes policy for and administers federal aid-to-education programs, including student loan programs, programs for disadvantaged and disabled students, and vocational programs. While the Constitution spells out in some detail the duties and powers of the president, it does not delegate any specific executive powers to the vice president, to the 15-member presidential cabinet (made up of the heads of the federal departments), or to other federal officials. It describes the specific conditions under which the vice president is empowered to take over the office of president if the president should become incapacitated. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. 2020年には4年1度のアメリカ大統領選挙の年!今年も1年かけて民主党と共和党の熱い戦いが繰り広げられます。 特に今年はトランプ大統領の再選が最大の焦点となっていますね。果たして民主党からトラ … Other PowersTo recommend legislation to the Congress; to call special sessions of the Congress; to deliver messages to the Congress; to sign or veto legislation; to appoint federal judges; to appoint heads of federal departments and agencies and other principal federal officials; to appoint representatives to foreign countries; to carry on official business with foreign nations; to exercise the function of commander-in-chief of the armed forces; to grant pardons for offenses against the United States. The board is vested with the power to prevent or remedy unfair labor practices and to safeguard employees’ rights to organize and determine through elections whether to have a union as their bargaining representative. But the Constitution adopted in 1787 vested executive power in a president, and that remains the case today. The Federal Reserve Board is the governing body of the Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the United States. OPM supports agencies with personnel services and policy leadership, and it manages the federal retirement system and health insurance program. HUD directs mortgage insurance programs that help families become homeowners, and a rent-subsidy program for low-income families that otherwise could not afford decent housing. The Twenty-fifth Amendment, adopted in 1967, amplifies the process of presidential succession. →ピューリタンについて詳しくはこちら, 宗教的理由、経済的理由などさまざまな動機で、アメリカ東海岸の異なる地域に植民地が別個に建設されていきました。こうしてアメリカ合衆国の初期には13の植民地が成立し、それぞれ別個の国家のような存在でありつつも、交通の発達や経済的交流などから「アメリカ人」という我々意識が少しずつ生まれていったと考えられます。, こうして建設されたアメリカの13植民地ですが、これはあくまでイギリス本国の植民地という従属的な立場に置かれたものでした。, イギリスは、ヨーロッパにおける七年戦争やアメリカ大陸におけるフレンチ・インディアンジュエリー戦争を戦い、その戦費の負担をアメリカにも課税という形で求めました。これがアメリカとイギリスの対立になります。, なぜなら、アメリカの植民地からはイギリス本国の議会に議員を送ることができないのに、イギリスは一方的に課税しようとしてきた、と考えられたからです。アメリカは「代表なくして課税なし」とイギリスと対立を深めていきます。, 独立宣言、独立戦争をきっかけに憲法が作られていくのですが、その過程で現代のアメリカ政治の原型となる仕組みや思想が作られていきました。, 独立戦争中、独立後どういう政体にするのか規定するために、各邦で憲法が制定されました。独立宣言後~合衆国憲法前に制定された、各植民地独自の憲法の事を政治学では「邦憲法」と言います。, 当初、アメリカは植民地(邦)同士の独立性が強く、1つのまとまりのある「アメリカ」という国家というよりも、半分国家のような存在の13の邦が連合体を取るような状態だったのです。, 独立戦争後、アメリカは「アメリカ連合」という独立した邦の連合体となったため、アメリカ全体として対応しなければならない問題が、「連合体」のままでは解決できないということが明らかになったのです。具体的には以下の問題がありました。, 上述のような問題が生まれた原因は、選挙権の拡大と民主主義の仕組みにあると考えられました6久保文明 前掲書18頁。民主主義と言えば、現代では政治の大前提のように考えられがちですが、この時代は民主主義が否定的にも捉えられていたのです。, 簡単に言えば、さまざまな利害を持つ人々が自らの意見を議会を通じて政治に反映できるようになったために、自分たちの損になるような政策ができなくなったということです。, 民主主義におけるこのような状態のことを「多数者の専制」と言います。 2020年には4年1度のアメリカ大統領選挙の年!今年も1年かけて民主党と共和党の熱い戦いが繰り広げられます。 特に今年はトランプ大統領の再選が最大の焦点となっていますね。果たして民主党からトラ … 1強力な行政執行権. To be successful, a candidate for the presidency must receive 270 electoral votes out of the possible 538. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established in 1958 to run the U.S. space program. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works with state and local governments throughout the United States to control and abate pollution in the air and water and to deal with problems related to solid waste, pesticides, radiation and toxic substances. Others provide special services either to the government or to the people. It also conducts medical research in such areas as aging, women’s health issues, AIDS and posttraumatic stress disorder. Under the Constitution, the president is the federal official primarily responsible for the relations of the United States with foreign nations. The Constitution also provides for the election of a vice president, who succeeds to the presidency in case of the death, resignation or i… Independent Agencies and Government Corporations. As of 2013, there were at least 70 independent federal agencies addressing issues ranging from the arts and humanities to pensions for railroad workers. Facts about the office of the U.S. presidency. Department of Commerce: Created in 1903. Today, NASA works to solve challenges in the U.S. air transportation system such as air traffic congestion; conducts International Space Station operations with other countries; explores the earth, solar system and universe beyond; and develops high-payoff technologies. In addition, the amendment enables the president to name a vice president, with congressional approval, when the second office is vacated. The president appoints ambassadors, ministers and consuls — subject to confirmation by the Senate — and receives foreign ambassadors and other public officials. Headquartered in the Pentagon, one of the world’s largest office buildings, the Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for all matters relating to the nation’s military security. For example, DOE conducts environmental and health-related research, such as studies of energy-related pollutants and their effects on biological systems. The electors of all 50 states and the District of Columbia — a total of 538 persons — make up what is known as the electoral college. Some are regulatory groups with powers to supervise certain sectors of the economy. In this event, each state and the District of Columbia would be allotted one vote only. The Veterans Health Administration provides hospital and nursing-home care, and outpatient medical and dental services, through 821 outpatient clinics, 152 hospitals, 300 veterans centers and 147 nursing homes in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The U.S. Coast Guard, the nation’s primary maritime law enforcement and licensing agency, conducts search and rescue missions at sea, combats drug smuggling, and works to prevent oil spills and ocean pollution. The pardoning power has come to embrace the power to shorten prison terms and reduce fines. Peace Corps volunteers, now working in some 76 nations, assist in agricultural-rural development, small business, health, natural resources conservation, and education. ※三権分立は理解しているという場合は、1-1-3に飛んでください。, 日本の中央政府は、議院内閣制という仕組みを持っています。議院内閣制の特徴を簡単にまとめると以下のようになります。, 政治において、国民は自らの意見を政治に反映する権利を持っていますが、議院内閣制の場合は、立法権には「議員を選挙で選ぶ」という方法を通じて、意見を反映できます。, 一方、行政権(内閣)には、国会を通じて間接的に反映することしかできない、というのが議院内閣制です。, 国民が意見を反映できる経路が1つに限られていることから「一元代表制」とも言われます。, これは、立法権を担う議員を選挙で選ぶ(これは日本と同じ)というだけでなく、行政権のトップである大統領も選挙によって公選されるということです。, 簡単に言えば、議院内閣制の場合、立法権を持つ議会が行政権を持つ内閣の組閣に力を及ぼせるという点で、大統領制よりも三権分立が曖昧であると言えます。大統領制は、権力がより明確に分立しているのが特徴なのです。, 3章で説明しますが、このような制度になったのは、大統領がもともと議会を抑制する役割として形成された歴史があるためです。, ここでは、アメリカの大統領が持つ具体的な権限を説明します。実態的な面については3章で説明します。, アメリカの大統領は一般的に、強大な権限を持っているようなイメージがあると思います。確かに多くの権限がアメリカ合衆国憲法で規定されているのですが、実はその権限には一定の制限もあるのです。, まず大統領は行政権を統轄するため、巨大な行政組織を動かす力を持っているということです。そして、三権分立の仕組みの中でその他の権力を抑制する力も持ちます。, 大統領が実務を行う上ではさまざまな専門家の力を借りる必要があるため、大統領は各省庁の長官を指名し、閣僚(14の省の長官が集まる諮問会議)を集めることができます。, アメリカの大統領の元に集まる閣僚については、特に憲法で規定があるわけではありません。そのため、大統領が自由に必要に応じて集めるのです。, また、大統領が入れ替わるときは閣僚を中心に3000人もの職員が入れ替わるのも特徴的です3職員は政府と民間企業やシンクタンクを渡り歩くことから、その仕組みは「回転ドア」とも言われています。。. It also administers education programs for veterans and provides home loan assistance to eligible veterans and active-duty service personnel. President Barack Obama in 2012 proposed reorganizing the government by consolidating six major departments and agencies that focus primarily on business and trade, but Congress had not considered the proposal by mid-2013. The Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 to advise, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns. Other HHS agencies ensure the safety and effectiveness of the nation’s food supply and drugs; work to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases; provide health services to the nation’s American Indian and Alaska Native populations; and help to improve the quality and availability of substance abuse prevention, addiction treatment and mental health services. It licenses radio and television broadcast stations, assigns radio frequencies, and enforces regulations designed to ensure that cable rates are reasonable. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), established as an independent agency in 1930 and elevated to cabinet level in 1989, dispenses benefits and services to eligible veterans of U.S. military service and their dependents. The National Park Service administers nearly 400 national parks and monuments, scenic parkways, riverways, seashores, recreation areas, and historic sites, through which it preserves America’s natural and cultural heritage. As commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States, the president may also call into federal service the state units of the National Guard. Medicaid, a joint federal-state program, provides health coverage for 62 million low-income persons, including 28 million children. Delegate Benjamin Franklin urged that a similar system be adopted by the United States. 初代 ジョージ・ワシントンから45代トランプ大統領までのアメリカ歴代大統領を一覧表にまとめました。また、各大統領の詳細も紹介します。 受験などにも時々でてきますので、全てでなくても重用な事をした大統領を覚えていくのがいいかと思います。 Its largest component, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, administers the Medicare and Medicaid programs, which provide health care coverage to about one in every five Americans. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) administers U.S. foreign economic and humanitarian assistance programs in the developing world, as well as in Eastern Europe and the independent states of the former Soviet Union. Cabinets are what any particular president makes them. President Theodore Roosevelt called this aspect of the presidency “the bully pulpit,” for when a president raises an issue, it inevitably becomes subject to public debate. The Department of Transportation (DOT) establishes the nation’s overall transportation policy through 10 operating units that encompass highway planning, development and construction; urban mass transit; railroads; civilian aviation; and the safety of waterways, ports, highways, and oil and gas pipelines. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) coordinates the intelligence activities of certain government departments and agencies; collects, correlates and evaluates intelligence information relating to national security; and makes recommendations to the National Security Council within the Office of the President. Candidates for the presidency are chosen by political parties several months before the presidential election, which is held every four years (in years divisible evenly by four) on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. An independent Postal Rate Commission, also created in 1971, sets the rates for different classes of mail. The SBA guarantees loans to small businesses, aids victims of floods and other natural disasters, promotes the growth of minority-owned firms, and helps secure contracts for small businesses to supply goods and services to the federal government. Formerly part of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which oversees some 300 programs, probably directly touches the lives of more Americans than any other federal agency. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) preserves the nation’s history by overseeing the management of all federal records. The U.S. The secretary of defense is a member of the Cabinet; the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force are not. USDA administers rural development, credit and conservation programs that are designed to implement national growth policies, and it conducts scientific and technological research in all areas of agriculture. The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are preserved and displayed at the National Archives building in Washington, D.C. GSA also manages the federal motor vehicle fleet and oversees telecommuting centers and child care centers. The president may also negotiate “executive agreements” with foreign powers that are not subject to Senate confirmation. The United States Postal Service is operated by an autonomous public corporation that replaced the Post Office Department in 1971. Department of Veterans Affairs: Created in 1989, when the Veterans Administration was elevated to the Cabinet. Department of the Interior: Created in 1849. アメリカ史上初の陸軍士官出身の大統領。1872年には、アメリカを訪問 した岩倉使節団と会見した。軍人としては成功した将軍だが、大統領 就任後のスキャンダルおよび汚職疑惑によってアメリカ最悪の大統領のう ちの一人である。 アメリカ大統領の権限・権力と日常の仕事・年収って?弾劾はあるの?権力は強いのか、弱いのか、分かりやすくまとめてみました。 1まずはアメリカ大統領の権限まとめから. The Twenty-second Amendment, ratified in 1951, limits the president to two terms of office. In 1970, for example, Congress established the Environmental Protection Agency to coordinate governmental action to protect the environment. The department maintains more than 250 diplomatic and consular posts around the world. The office of president of the United States is one of the most powerful in the world. QualificationsNative-born American citizen, at least 35 years old, and at least 14 years a residentof the United States. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) manages programs that assist community development and help provide affordable housing for the nation. The department directs the separately organized military departments of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, as well as the four military service academies and the National War College, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and several specialized combat commands. The cabinet developed outside the Constitution as a matter of practical necessity, for even in the days of George Washington, the country’s first president, it was impossible for the president to discharge his duties without advice and assistance. It offers assistance and information to increase U.S. competitiveness in the global marketplace; administers programs to create new jobs and to foster the growth of minority-owned businesses; and provides statistical, economic and demographic information for business and government planners. The FCC regulates common carriers, such as telephone and telegraph companies, as well as wireless telecommunications service providers. The White House, both residence and office of the president, is located there. As the nation’s principal conservation agency, the Department of the Interior is responsible for most of the federally owned public lands and natural resources in the United States. The president finds that the machinery of government often operates independently of presidential interventions, has done so through earlier administrations, and will continue to do so in the future. Nonmilitary responsibilities include flood control, development of oceanographic resources, and management of oil reserves. The Department of Commerce serves to promote the nation’s international trade, economic growth and technological advancement. The commission has powers to prevent or punish fraud in the sale of securities and is authorized to regulate stock exchanges. The Constitution gives Congress the power to establish the order of succession after the vice president. It also provides for resumption of the office by the president in the event of his recovery. The Department of Justice represents the U.S. government in legal matters and courts of law, and renders legal advice and opinions upon request to the president and to the heads of the executive departments. Moreover, many delegates, still smarting under the excesses of executive power wielded by the British Crown, were wary of a powerful presidency. It provides the military forces of the United States, which consist of about 1 million men and women on active duty. アメリカ大統領の権限と弱点. The Patent and Trademark Office promotes the progress of science and the useful arts by securing for authors and inventors the exclusive right to their creations and discoveries. 大統領のできることって何があるんでしょうか? 今回はアメリカ大統領の 権限 をご紹介します!. At present, should both the president and vice president vacate their offices, the speaker of the House of Representatives would assume the presidency. The department’s Agricultural Research Service works to develop solutions to agricultural problems of high national priority, and it administers the National Agricultural Library to disseminate information to a wide cross-section of users, from research scientists to the general public. After 10 years the department has developed a risk-based approach designed to detect, prevent and respond to a range of threats — from terrorist attacks to natural disasters. The Bureau of Reclamation manages scarce water resources in the semiarid western United States.
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